Building Stronger Together WNY


With over 11,000 new members since Election Day, we’re growing by leaps and bounds. To keep the momentum going we need your help.

To keep STWNY effective and growing, we are becoming a nonprofit organization. The work of official filings takes time, energy, and fees; doing so will protect our future, and help raise our status in the community. This isn’t just a Facebook group! Becoming official will protect our seat at the table.

So far, we have been funding actions through in-kind donations, volunteerism, and personal income. With needed resources from community forward progressives, like yourself, we can instantly fund urgent actions, provide education, and nimbly impact social issues.

Our first goal, is to fund the establishment of our 501(c)(3), a two-step process involving two or more government agencies. With your help, we can easily fund this process, establishing credibility for our network and all it accomplishes. Let’s show our region that “The people united will never be defeated.”

To contribute, please visit our fundraising campaign.